Wedding Season Begins

The busy summer and fall wedding season has begun this month, and we are excited for all of the ceremonies we will play during the next several months.  I've been busy with new arrangements of songs requested by clients, and we always find it fun to add music to our repertoire.  

Sometimes couples ask what is important in selecting their music.  I advise clients to choose music that is meaningful, and will create the desired atmosphere. There are no right or wrong choices, and each wedding is unique based on personal preferences.  I am actually getting married in June, and It's interesting to work through the details on the other side this time, I have realized how much work is involved, and how important it is to have fun along the way.

Today I worked on flowers (my friend, Nikki is going to put together some beautiful arrangements) and I am thinking about the atmosphere that we would like to have and how all our decisions have a part in that.  As I worked with Nikki, I realized how grateful I am to hear her advice and expertise, while at the same time glad that she listens to my ideas.  I am relying on her to help me through the decisions - I certainly couldn't do it on my own.  

Ovation works in that same way - listening to your needs and offering our expertise.  Please send us a message on our Contact page if you would like to discuss the possibility of working with us.



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